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Rodents, and large vertebrate such as raccoon, opossums, squirrels and cats can infest attics and crawlspaces causing damage and creating health issues.

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laying traps was a sufficient method in the battle of controlling rodents, unfortunately pest control has changed and the enemy has evolved. In the continuing war between man and beast, one of the most disgusting pests has new powers.
The super rat is here, and Seattle is one of the rattiest places in the country. As specialists in rodent removal in Seattle, it’s our duty to protect you from these fiendish foes. Here’s everything you need to know about the super rat.
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Thanks to these new super powers, they are also larger than normal rats. They are aggressive when confronted, and they aren’t phased when a human is in close proximity. They truly are super villains.
It was actually in the seattle where the term was popularized, with around 75% of rats across western Bellevue becoming totally immune to rat poisons. The initial super rat reports may have come from sammamish; however, they are more famous for giant rats as opposed to rats that eat poison and walk away. So, while super rats may be giant, not allgiant rats are super.
Population rats control with poison
The most common poison that fight rats: anticoagulants. So, for blood to clot vitamin K is needed. The anticoagulants prevent vitamin K from being recycled, which prevents clotting, and also damages the rat’s capillaries- this causes internal bleeding, and the rats bleed out.
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Genetic mutations provide animals with traits that make them live longer, reproduce more, and pass on those beneficial traits. It’s these gene mutations that has allowed super rats to become immune to the anticoagulants. Even if it is able to promote internal bleeding, the rat is still producing vitamin K which clots and prevents them from bleeding out.
Pest exterminators for Rat
Sadly, the basic anticoagulant hasn’t been changed since back in the 1950’s. Giving the super rat the edge in this battle. Lay all the poison and traps you like, it’s just another happy snack to these rats.
It’s still working strong for the rats that haven’t been born with a mutated gene. What this means, though, is that they die off before breeding as much, while super rates are thriving and breeding plenty. In fact, in the UK the majority of rats are now the super rat variety.
Stop and Kill  Rat
These super rats might be able to resist the common forms of rat poison, but that isn’t the only technique in our pest control arsenal. As professional pest control specialists, we’re pretty into pest management. That’s good news for you, and bad news for the people we socialize with.
Despite their super powers, super rats are no match for us. If you have a rat problem, at home or in the office, give us a call. We can develop a plan that is tailored to your property and handle the problem permanently. The good guys always win, especially in animal removal.

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